Julie Busch (F. 1979)

Julie Busch is based in the Northern Sealand in Denmark, she’s the youngest out of 4 children and grew up in a 80’ workers enviroment. Spending most of her childhood at her grandma’s house in Hornbaek, she had always enjoyed the peace that made it possible for her to put almost all of her time in to drawing.
She has always been fascinated by nature, life, emotions and expression. Julies has a high sense for details and loves to play with her ideas, which clearly shows all the way through her creative path.
In her younger years Julie has been working with most materials and surfaces, etc. Cheramics, glass, clothing design and in 2012 she was graduated as a graphic designer.
Her biggest and most meaningful source of inspiration is coming from her everyday life, and the world passing by her. Still living close to the forrest and the sea, she finds great pleasure in observing and finding her inspiration here.

“My creative work is my highest calling in life and the only true place where I find peace.”


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