Julie Busch, dansk kunst, kunstner, kvindelig kunstner, dansk kunst

Born in 1979 in Elsinore, Denmark.

Am a self-taught painter, the artist has sprouted in me since I took my first breaths.

Has always been a sensuous, quiet and sensitive dreamer. I have a big need for a calm space and immersion, experimenting and living out ideas, carving flutes, going to pottery, drawing animals and flower girls, even before I reached school age.

My focus in my expression has always been emotions, in my early years I would always be drawing eyes, teaching myself to capture the reflection of the soul.

My brain has always been very quick to generate stories based on what my senses and sensitivity intercepted, these are the ones I grab and put in to my work today.

I find it very fascinating to tell big and deep stories from life, with relatively few props, so that those who are in there, all have a role in a larger perspective.

Educated as a graphic designer in 2012.

In 2018, I decided to follow my heart and today I dedicate most of my energy to working with art.

Has always felt like a leaf in the wind, so the decision that I should have peace, was landmark for me as a person and artist, has really landed in myself, my roots are getting stronger and my strengths are growing and flourishing again.

Life is a journey, let’s make it a beautiful one <3

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